MAKASSAR. Monday, (05/29) Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Makassar again carried out the distribution of Quran on the third day of Ramadan. The syiar Quran (SQ) was first held in Ramadhan this year in the town of Turikale Maros, precisely in Dusun Kalokko, Marannu Village, Lau District, Maros Regency. The location is about 30km to the west of Makassar.


A total of 12 Quran packages have been distributed. The beneficiaries of this package are santri (students) from TPA Nurul Qalbi Al-Mubarak. Prior to Quran distribution activities, the volunteer carried out several activities but it can only attended by approximately 20 students, as some students were still in school.


SQ activity began with the reading of the holy verses of the Quran by one of the teenagers of Nurul Qalbi Al – Mubarak mosque, then continued with greeting by the TPA Responsible Lander, and representative from Rumah Zakat. The activity ended with learning to recite Quran and taking photo with the students.


“Thank you Rumah Zakat, now we have new Quran in TPA, the place I learn Quran.” Tiara said with a smile.


The responsible of TPA Nurul Qalbi Al-Mubarak, Akbar also said similar things. “I represent TPA Nurul Qalbi thank Rumah Zakat for the help of Quran. May Rumah Zakat always success and its goodness replied by Allah. “Akbar said.



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