BANDUNG. Sunday (11/06) Rumah Zakat again distributed Syiar Quran package. The distribution location is in Kampung Koleleuga, Desa Sadang Mekar RT 05/03. The location is one of the rural areas located in District Cisarua, West Bandung regency, West Java.


The journey to the distribution location is approximately 1.5 hours, the area surrounded by tea plantation area. Along the way the syiar Quran team treated to beautiful scenery, like vegetable plants that spread just below the foot of Mount Burangrang.


Most of the residents move as farming and gardening. Although coming from a mountainous area, the children of Desa Sadang Mekar are so eager to learn. In this village there are free schools, namely MI and MTs Intaniyah that accommodate children for elementary and secondary education.

Although the school construction has not been one hundred percent completed, but the children are still eager to go to school. The development process is hampered by lack of funds, the plan of development process will be continued if it has received assistance from the local government.


The school was built voluntarily by Mr. Agus and his wife. Pak Agus works as a high school teacher at a Public School in Parongpong area. One of the students named Eva (7th) expressed his gratitude for the help of Quran and Iqro which has been distributed “Thank you brother and all donatrs, the Quran is good. Inysa Allah I will often read it to get merits. i also want to be hafidz Quran “revealed Eva.


To get to school, Eva walks for about half an hour. Dust and scorching heat she ignored as long as she can gain knowledge in free schools that facilitate it.


Mr. Agus and his wife thanked for Quran brought by Rumah Zakat Cimahi volunteer team. “Thank God, thank you Neng and Aa l, hopefully adding children quran memorization and interest in reading Al-Quran and Iqro ” he said.



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