SYIAR QURAN HADIR DI MEDAN, BAGAI AIR DI TENGAH DAHAGA UMMAT MEDAN. (06/10) Under the scorching sun did not dampen the spirit of fasting. “Happy For All” is the motto campaigned by RZ on Ramadhan 1437 H which aims to bring smiles of happiness for all.

RZ as institution who manage of zakah, infaq and sadaqah make Ramadan programs one of them is syiar Quran package (SQ) which facilitates of worship means of Muslims. Syiar Quran package consists of the Quran and Iqro specifically designed.

RZ Medan distributed syiar Quran package (SQ) in Mushollah Dermawan and the beneficiaries are the pilgrims of Mushollah assembly, 11 Syiar Quran packages distributed by two RZ volunteers at 04.00 PM.

Sugi Prawansyah the Coordinator said that the distribution of Syiar Quran packages distributed to pilgrims who need the means of worship.

“Through the information that this area needs Quran because the Quran are often used and it broken already and then RZ responds to it and provide Quran for them” Revealed Sugi Prawansyah, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Medan.

Pak Agus Ramli Chaniago who recites Quran everyday expressed his thanks for Quran given by RZ so that he can recite clearly.

“My Quran has broken, with the help of a large Qur’an now i can read Quran easily and review the tajwid. Hopefully, this program continues every year not only in Ramadan so that Muslims motivated to read quran” Said the elderly who is now 85 years old.

Ustadz Surianda board representative of Mushollah Dermawan say that this program is very useful to keep the continuity of reading Quran.

“Mantap tenan (amazing), this is very useful to maintain the continuity of reading the Quran. Alhamdulillah, in this environment, there are many elderly like reading the Quran then this is the perfect aid channeled here. “He said.


Newsroom/Sugi Prawansyah


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