NAGREK. (10/6) Rumah Zakat distributed Syiar Quran in Al-Jihad mosque located in Kp. Ciseupang Kec. Cicalengka Kab. Bandung. Al-Jihad Mosque is the only mosque in Kp. Ciseupang so that the activity in the mosque is crowded, other than that children and citizens ciseupang have to travel a considerable distance to join in the activity in this mosque. Nevertheless, the residents, especially the children, are very enthusiastic about studying in Al-Jihad Mosque, marked by the number of students who were present during the activities in the Mosque. Quran in al-Jihad Mosque is limited, if all the children come to study. the Quran should be used interchangeably.

The joy of the Al-Jihad’s student mosque seems clear at the time of Quran and Iqro distribution, one of them is Rose. It has been two years that Rose is studying at MDA al-Jihad located in Kp. Ciseupang Kec. Cicalengka Kab. Bandung, Rose now is 1st grade student of elementary school, she already memorized An-Naba Surah and several other short surah.

Almost every day he recited at Al-JIhad Mosque from 04:00 until the maghrib in the month of Ramadan. “I am happy to be able to study here can learn Tajwid, Khot, Tarjamah, Hadith, Arabic, Memorize Quran and other lessons” said this Santriwati.

Chairman of DKM Mosque Al-Jihad reveals a similar thing “Thank Rumah Zakat for the help of the Quran for Al-Jihad Mosque, may be useful” he said to Syiar Quran team.



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