BANJARMASIN. Monday, (06/19) Rumah Zakat’s volunteers channeled Quran (SQ) in Musholla Al-Haq. The distribution is motivated by information from Komunitas Jamaah Keliling (FKJK) which said that there is a new mosque built in ujung of Kayutangi Banjarmasin road.

The Mushalla is located in a residential area and still has not been prosperous by the local people. Therefore, the FKJK community took the initiative to use the mushalla for Ramadan activities with the permission of the donor and the donor of the musholla.

FKJK just started its religious activities in the last ten days of Ramadhan. Besides tadarus, they also learn tamyiz and tahsin Al-Quran. “To learn Quran we are still constrained facilities and must bring their own mushaf,” Nasyin said, Ustad FKJK tutor.

However, under these conditions of limitation does not make members of FKJK discouraged to learn. They use the makeshift manuscripts. The arrival of Rumah Zakat Volunteers team to distribute the SQ package during the afternoon was not known to all mushalla worshipers who are studying. Then, after contacting one of the members of FKJK, volunteers immediately brought 10 packages of SQ to be distributed.

The arrival of volunteers was welcomed by all the people in Al Haq mosque, they did not expect at all will get rocks package Quran syiar.

“God is great, we do not ask but He gives us. Indeed we need Quran to study and this afternoon, volunteers of Rumah Zakat bring us Quran. This is very helpful for us Hopefully, donator’s good deeds rewarded with an abundant reward, ” Ustad Nasyin said.

Activities in musholla Al-Haq that afternoon resumed with tadarus Quran by using new Quran from Syiar Quran program of Rumah Zakat.



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