TABLIG AKBAR MTUA REKIND TEBAR KEBAHAGIAANJAKARTA. On Sunday (12/02) afternoon children and their parents attended Tabliq Akbar at BBM (Balai Bina Mandiri) RZ and MTUA Rekind (Assembly Taklim Ulul Albab – Rekayasa Industri). The participants were very enthusiastic attended that event.

The material was delivered by Ustadz Ma’mun, he makes the parents and the children so enthusiast heeding the material about “Akhlak” (Morals), and how to educate children also morals of children to their parents.

This activity aims are to tighten the relationship between the children and parents who take part in MTUA Rekind Activities. Not only tausyiah, but there was also another interesting activity which is Tahfidz Quran Competition.

The children were very happy with the Competition, especially when the committee giving some attractive prizes for the winners of the Competition. Nita won the 1st Place, Beye in the 2nd Place and Doni in the 3rd Place. The champions were amazing, the had a lot of memorization of the Qur’an.

At the end of Tabliq Akbar children and parents got the parcel, school kit package including book and other stationary for the children and basic food packages for the parents.

Bayu, one of the participant of Tabliq Akbar admitted that he’s very happy to get the school kit parcel. In addition, Novalina, a parent who was deeply pleased and assisted on gifts received like basic food package.

“Thanks to MTUA Rekind on the provision of basic food needs. All the best for may Rekind, may God give abundant sustenance, health, and blessing. Amen.” she said.

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