BEKASI. Thursday (08/17). Toddlers in Kampung Rawa Semut Bekasi celebrated the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Independence by performing fruit transfer races.

The race was followed by 22 toddler of RT 04, RW 11 Margahayu District, East Bekasi.

“So, various kinds of fruit are stored in one place. In one place, there is a container that has been given a picture of orange. Well, they should choose which orange fruit and move it to the appropriate container, “said Meri, Public Health Cita Sehat Bekasi.

Furore not only comes from toddlers who do the race but also from the parents who encourage their children. Not only entertaining, this game also educates children under five to be able to distinguish the types of fruits.

“I’m happy to win, because I already know the names of fruit. There is orange, pear, and apple. I want to eat fruit every day, “said Fatan (4), the champion of the race.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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