Hazrat Jeebrail Alsm. said, Hay! Muhammad Sm.! What is ‘Iman’(faith)? Rasulullah Sm. said – to believe upon Allah, and His Angels Alsm., His Kitabs (books), all of His Rasuls Sm. and fixation of good or bad from His majesty Allah. Jeebrail Alsm. said – What is Islam? Rasulullah Sm. said – there is no any Allah except Allah and Muhammad Sm. is the Rasul of Allah; and to give witness to the aforesaid answer and questions, to set up ‘Namaj’(to Pray), to keep Roja (fast) in the month of Ramjan; (Arabic month), to sacrifice Jakat (who are eligible for wealth and prosperity according to the law of Islam) and to do Hajj (who are eligible for wealth and prosperity according to the law of Islam). (Muslim- Miskat).

So – there are two parts of Islam. One of them is ‘Akaed’(the affairs or subject matters related to ‘Iman’ (faith)) and the other of them is ‘Furuat’(deeds and activities according to Islam). There will be no Iman (faith) in spite of these two parts rather to be ‘Kufar’( Idolatry). These are ‘Akaed’. And ‘Furuat’ (deeds and activities of Islam) is such matters where sin is occurred and ‘Kufar’ (idolatry) is not occurred without these. As a result if anybody does so much sin equal to the sky and the earth but has a little bit Iman(faith), he will have to get punishment in the Hell for fixed time after that he will be eternal inhabitant in the Heaven.

Otherwise, if anybody does act of piety equal to the sky and the earth but has no ‘Iman’ (faith) even a point, this act of piety will have no value at all. He will be inhabitant in the Hell forever. Here is Allah says- He who does good deeds or works and is ‘Mumin’ (faithful), does not do any ‘Kufar’(idolatry ). His doings are acceptable certainly and We will note or write in his ‘Amal Nama’. (Ref: Sura Ambia- 94 Ayat). Allah says that if anybody does ‘Kufar’ (idolatry) to ‘Iman’ (faith), his acts of piety will be destructed certainly. He will be a destructed person among the destructed persons in ‘Akhirat’ (next-world). (Ref: Sura Mayeda 5 Ayat). Rasulullah Sm. said, “If any one gives witness that there is no Allah except Allah. He is unique, He has no partner and Muhammad Sm. is His ‘Banda’ (created being) as well as Rasul Sm. , …………his ‘Amal’ (doings) may be so little , Allah will send him in the Heaven (Bukhari- Miskat).


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