CILACAP. Rumah Zakat through Asih Sholihah, Empowered Village Facilitator in Mujur Village, Kroya Sub-district, Cilacap District launched Free Tutoring Program ( Bimbel Gratis) on Thursday (10/9). The launch of the program was held in collaboration with the Majelis Taklim Al-Hidayah and local PKK cadres in Mujur Kroya Cilacap Village.

This time Tutoring is done in the village park (Taman Desa). The park not only serves as a place to unwind, but can also be a place to learn. Learning guidance activities in this park is very effective considering now the Village Park functions not only to play but also to learn.

The public welcomes with great joy and enthusiasm. Evidenced by the increasing number of participants guidance learning every day.

“I am very grateful and thankful to Rumah Zakat who has held this Free Bimbel Program, and I ask my son to be educated to be a sholeh children, ” said Mrs. Ida, as the treasurer of RT 01.

For starters there are three learning groups running, with a total of 7 to 8 participants per class, some programs in this Free course, among others, tahfidz program for elementary school age, English for public, and ABC Reading Class for pre-school “Said Asih Sholihah.

Children learners are so excited. Although they have scheduled the day of study, they still ask to be tutored every day. “Hopefully in the future we can have sufficient teaching staff, so it can meet the needs of younger students,”  Asih Said.

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