RZ LDKO CilegonCIMAHI. Initiated by Mr. Umang along with two other colleagues, for 3 consecutive days from 14 to16 December 2015, the park which was originally unkempt and cluttered becomes more beautiful to see, the air becomes cooler, and a source of inspiration and happiness to people especially teachers and students. The students chatter sounded like, “Miss, the garden is very comfortable, isn’t it? can’t wait to roll on the grass.

It’s too early indeed, to say that the new school garden which was recently finished is very beautiful, neat, and well-organized because the journey of the school garden is still long, still in need of care and attention so that it is not to be damaged by ignorant hands. So it is still necessary to educate children about the benefits of plants, how to care for plants, how to treat the plants, to the watering schedule (as a form to train responsibility of children).

So in the end, hopefully the school garden will be very beneficial for all the school community in particular in teaching and learning activities, able to unleash the potential of the child, and makes learning activities become more fun and refreshing, because it is not impossible that children feel bored if continuously learning in the class. ***
Newsroom/Siti Rohayati

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