TAMPILKAN TEATRIKAL, SISWA JUARA SURABAYA PERINGATI HARI HUTAN SEDUNIASURABAYA.  Forests are a very important part of life on Earth. Forests cover about a third of the Earth’s surface and is home to two-thirds of terrestrial species worldwide. No wonder if the forest is referred to as a storehouse of biodiversity for our planet Earth.

Commemoration of world forest day that falls on Monday (21/3) was celebrated by students of SD Juara Surabaya. Students these days commemorate the world Forest day in Flora Park, Bratang, Surabaya. Students made up the majority of students in grades 3 through grade 5 perform theatrical exercises since a week ago. When another friend studying at home for Grade 6 students carry out the tests, there are very spirit and enthusiast to practice to perform on the commemoration day of Commemoration of world forest day.

Theatrical performance that carried from story of the mango trees in a forest. Mango trees are not easily discouraged in life in the forest. He got various trials in the form of high winds, disease, molt, nuisance animals, even the threat of a farmer named Parmin. However, the tree did not despair in the struggle to stay alive. “The story is packed with imaginative stories but is expected can give a good message for others students who watch it. With this story, the students are expected to participate treating plants in their surrounding areas, “said Wawan, LSU teacher of SD Juara Surabaya.

“I am pleased to participate in celebration of world forest day. As a narrator, I would like to convey to friends that it was important to preserve forests. Since forests are the lungs of the world “, said Sofia Sibatun Sholihah, 4th grade student who acts as narrator


Newsroom/ Arif Rahman


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