YOGYAKARTA. Tuesday (02/08), SD Juara Yogyakarta welcomes the arrival of special guests from Germany, He is Lorenz. Previously Lorenz had taught as a guest teacher to teach sports subjects at SD Juara Yogyakarta.

Mas Lorenz has traveled to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran and China then deliberately returned to Indonesia to visit SD Juara Yogyakarta to cure the longing with students.

While at SD Juara Yogyakarta, firstly Lorenz greets principals and teachers, then go in second-grade class and share a little motivation to second graders.

Before sharing the motivation Lorenz introduces himself starting from his name to the origin of his country, then Lorenz conveys to the students “if you want to get out of the country you have a lot to learn, including learning English. why must be English? because English is the language of the world. ”

All students listen carefully. After finishing meeting the students, Mas Lorenz says goodbye.

Thank you, Lorenz

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