TANAH WAKAF HADIRKAN SEKOLAH IMPIAN DI PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. Since 4 years ago (2014), the inauguration of SMP Juara Pekanbaru present to give a color in the world of education, the number of students as beneficiaries of SMP Juara Pekanbaru is 148 students. Quality education that aligns with national quality standard is necessary in order to create a reliable young generation. Unfortunately, not all people who can enjoy such education, especially for underprivileged children if measured from the economic conditions of their parents.

SMP Juara Pekanbaru located on jalan Legasari RT 03 RW 03, kelurahan Tangkerang Selatan, Kecamatan Bukit Raya Kota Pekanbaru with 1080 square meters land area and  550 square meters of school buildings. Status of land occupied by SMP Juara pekanbaru is waqf land. By using a grant from the muwaqif, Rumah Wakaf Indonesia and RZ tried to realize the wishes disadvantaged children by establishing free and quality schools that is SMP Juara Pekanbaru.

Facilities and infrastructure often become a bottleneck in the process of learning and teaching. But thanks to donations from muwaqif, currently SMP Juara Pekanbaru has occupied the building from Rumah Wakaf Indonesia. The building used consists of six classrooms, one principal, one teacher assembly rooms, 1 room of Administration, 1 school infirmary, 1 counseling rooms, 1 room of student activities, and one computer lab and a library room. 6 rooms serve as a classroom for teaching and learning with the number of 148 learners. The students can use the school grounds for a variety of activities such as sports, ceremonies, gymnastics and other outdoor activities

SMPJuara Pekanbaru is a dream school amid the complexity of the problems in education happens in the nation, starting from cost, quality, and morality. SMP Juara brings a great hope for Indonesian people to feel quality formal education integrated in the formation of character and moral values without having to pay expensive. As we know,in our country the parents have to empty their pockets to sent their children to favorite school that they expected, not all parents are able to do so. Not to mention the monthly cost, outing activities, uniforms, extracurricular, or just the cost of transportation.

“Thanks to the support and synergy of the muwaqif, the expectations of parents to send their children to free and quality school can be realized. Prayer of SD Juara Pekanbaru for each property that you have donated through Rumah Wakaf for giving happiness to students” Said Syahrul Padilah SMP Juara Pekanbaru.

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