It is time to pay attention to the bed and pillow. Because both of these objects are full of unseen bacteria, dead skin cells, and house dust mites.

Even though you sleep for a good eight hours, if you wake up with a sore neck and head, it’s time to say goodbye to your pillow. As reported by Indian Express, Monday (20/1), there are signs when pillows in the bedroom must be replaced.

First, the pillow has a lump. Put the pillow in a flat place. If you see a bump, it’s time to get a new pillow. Corrugated pillows cannot sustain properly and in turn cause shoulder pain and headaches.

Bumps are usually found on inexpensive polyester pillows that have a short life span. Choose a pillow with springy memory foam, because the shape follows your head and distributes the weight evenly.

The cushion will return to its original shape after the head is raised. This is great for those who have restless sleep patterns or suffer from spinal problems.

Second, discoloration or permanent sweat stains. Your pillow life has ended when it starts to change color.

Check after removing the pillowcase. If you see yellow sweat stains, you should definitely buy a new pillow. It sounds harsh, but yellow indicates that bacteria and fungus are starting to grow there and this can make you sick.

Third, it has begun to smell. Over a period of time, our pillows begin to pile up and collect sweat, dead skin cells, natural body oil and believe me it does not make the bed clean.

Fourth, it failed the test. Take the pillow, then bend it until it looks like the shape of the letter “U”.

If it returns to its normal form, then the pillow is in good condition. If not, obviously it cannot support your neck and head while sleeping. If you often find yourself repositioning or patting a pillow all night, it must be replaced because it can disrupt sleep.


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