PEKANBARU. Fitri, is one of Pekanbaru residents who became the beneficiaries of the Free Ambulance from Rumah Zakat which is also managed by Cita Sehat. On Friday afternoon (04/08) he handed a wheelchair to RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru.

“This wheelchair belonged to my mother who was sick. But my mother has passed away. So to be reusable, I handed this wheelchair to RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru,” said Fitri.

According to her, RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat through Ambulance facility Free has been given much help in the treatment of her mother.
“Thank you to Rumah Zakat especially the drivers, Mr. Sugiyatno and Mr. Zul Herman who was willing to take care of mothers during illness. Even until we moved home 3 times, Ambulance of Rumah Zakat still help us in delivery,” she added.

Rumah Zakat is represented by RBG Clinic Manager RZ Pekanbaru, Emi Susanti would like to thank them for the donation of the wheelchair.
“Thank you for this wheelchair donation, which in the future can be used for patients in need at this Clinic. Hopefully it can be more useful, and hopefully Kak Fitri’s mother gets the best place with Allah, amin,” said Emi.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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