ustaz-muhammad-arifin-ilham-saat-memberikan-tausiyah-di-masjid-_131210194628-470By; Ustaz Muhammad Arifin ILham
The noble royal guest had actually visited us, Ramadan Kareem. Months literally truly become a differentiator in the other months. The month that has its own peculiarities.

Some points that distinguishing Ramadan with other months that include; In the revelation of the Qur’an (QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 185), a month in which there Lailatul Qadr (Night of Glory) (Al-Qadr [97]: 1-30, in which used to run one of the Five Pillars of Islam (Fasting) (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 183).

Ramadan is also the month that if good deeds in it such as fasting and tarawih, will wash away the sins (small) in the past (Bukhari).

Moreover, Ramadan is also the month that opened the doors of heaven, mercy door is opened, hell door is closed, and the devil chained ( HR Muslim), in which the sunnah worship will be rewarded reward like Mandatory worship (HR Muslim), in which doubled the reward to 70 times for Mandatory worship (HR Muslim).

Among the very typical with the Ramadan is spirit of sharing. The spirit in sharing. From various generations. As in the historical record of a friend named Abdullah Ibn Umar RA.

He has a habit of breaking fast with orphans and the poor. In fact, sometimes noble companions beloved son, Umar RA is not breaking despite Maghrib when the family is not present in the poor house.

Datuk from Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty, Umar bin Abdul Aziz include wealthy businessmen, kosher abundant treasure, because he was a successful and trustworthy merchant.

He also received a salary from Baitul Mal State. But during Ramadan, all was not he save himself, but he distributed to the poor and those who beg.

Ayub bin Wail Al-Rasibi ever witnessed amazing event about him. One day Ibn Umar got a shipment of property worth 4,000 dirhams (about USD 680 million) and the clothes with fur. The next day, Ayub bin Wail Ibn Umar saw him in the market to buy feed for his horse with debt.

Ayub witnessed it in astonishment. Because just yesterday Ibn Umar just got 4,000 dirhams, but to buy horse feed he pay it with debt. Out of curiosity, Ayub later came to see the family of Ibn Umar, wondering what was going on.

The Family said, “The Money not even stayed/ night, but he already distributed everything to the poor. Then he took the clothes with fur, he wear it and go out of the house, and when he went home, clothes that no longer exists. When we ask, he already gave the clothes to the poor. ”

Is there now in a glorious new month who moved massively among us to enjoy it with our hands to sharing, hands of Abdullah bin Umar. Insha Allah, hopefully


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