PADANG. Wednesday, (05/04) Volunteer Rumah Zakat West Sumatra conducting fire disaster response simulation activities located in SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium UNP.


The activity is aimed at training students for Disaster Preparedness Students as well as the implementation of volunteer campus activities that are useful for developing volunteer soft skills. On this occasion, the training was guided by BPBD DAMKAR.


“I really hope that high school students of SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium UNP pay attention to the material, so this training is useful .In the implementation of fire fighting, there are three elements that must be considered; air, combustible materials and heat,” Hari said, one of the representatives of the Office Firefighters.


The same thing was also delivered by Drs. Almasri Mpd, as Principal of SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium UNP. “Hopefully students who pay attention to this training activity carefully, because it is very beneficial for all of us,” he said.


The event was attended by 120 students of SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium UNP, 20 Disaster Preparedness Students nd 15 volunteers of Rumah Zakat West Sumatra. Participants attend fire fighting training using wet burlap sacks and APARs.


“Hope in the future this training activity will be even better. Students, Disaster Preparedness Students and volunteers can be more excited, “said Irawan Saputra as Head of Disaster Committee of Rumah Zakat West Sumatra.

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