DOMPU. Monday (05/02) Flash floods that hit Dompu City resulted in thousands of houses submerged. Spright response, Rumah Zakat directly assigned volunteers to the disaster site.

“After knowing the information about flash flood in Dompu, We immediately coordinated and at around 10 PM decided to send 2 volunteers to Dompu uby Bus which pass from Mataram to Bima,” said Repi S, Coordinator of Volunteer of West Sumatra.

Arriving at the location, the volunteers directly assessing the condition at the flood site, the next day (06/03) aid in the form of 100 food packages and mineral water distributed to the affected residents, in addition volunteers also help residents clean the house from the mud due to flood.
4 Additional volunteers were sent back on Tuesday (06/03) to assist Team Volunteers at the flood site. In addition, the volunteer team is also accompanied by doctors living in Dompu.

“With the addition of 4 more people, we will distribute the aid in the form of food, hygiene kits, eucalyptus oil, mineral water and fast food. We also thank Dr. Sri Wahyuni ​​who has been reconciled with our action, “added Repi.

To this day Rumah Zakat Volunteers Team is still in Magenda Potu Subdistrict Dompu District Dompu to conduct follow-up action that is cleaning the houses – houses of citizens and the environment with TNI, POLRI, related agencies and Dompu Society.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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