BANDUNG. Tuesday (12/25.  Tsunami waves hit the west coast of Banten and parts of South Lampung. The tsunami originated from the Sunda Strait waters flanked by Java and Sumatra.

Temporary data collected by BNPB Command Post up to (24/12) at 23.45 WIB, recorded 373 people died, 128 people were missing, 1,459 people were injured, 5,665 people were displaced. Physical damage included 681 houses damaged, 434 boats damaged, 69 hotel damaged, 84 units of four-wheeled vehicles damaged and 49 units of two-wheeled vehicles damaged. Meanwhile the most affected locations are Coastal South Lampung, Tanjung Lesung Beach, Sumur, Teluk Lada, Penimbang and Carita.

Responding to this disaster, Rumah Zakat Action, which is Rumah Zakat Disaster Management unit, fielded 50 evacuation volunteers and sent aid from the first day of the disaster.

“Rumah Zakat Action has prepared a Disaster Management program based on the phase and time period set by the local government. The stages of action in the emergency response phase, the transition and recovery phase are sustainable empowerment programs,” said Murni Alit Baginda, Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat.

The action are being carried out by Rumah Zakat includes; victim evacuation, rapid assessment, medical services, logistics distribution and preparation of public kitchens. A total of 4 ambulance fleets were prepared at the location, assisted by 7 units of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles to assist the distribution and service process for residents. Fresh posts and warm posts for survivors and officials as well as volunteers are complementary events which are also presented to lighten and provide energy in the midst of this emergency response situation.

“Evacuation conditions that are still running, as well as damage to houses and some public facilities have caused volunteers to be concentrated in the evacuation process and cause refugees in several locations. The logistical needs currently needed consist of: food, bedding, blankets, baby needs, and medical assistance, “said Murni.

For service needs, Rumah Zakat Action opens a main post located at Nurul Hidayah Mosque Jl. Raya Labuan – Tanjung Lesung. Kp. Tarogong Ds. Margadana Kec. Banten and the Tsunami Humanitarian Post in South Lampung at East Way Muli District Rajabasa South Lampung.

Besides that Rumah Zakat prepares 5 supporting posts, namely: Cilegon Branch office Jl. Letjend R Soeprapto No 25 G Cilegon, Bandar Lampung Branch Office Jl. Jend Sudirman No 59 Kota Bandar Lampung, Rumah Zakat Tangerang Ruko Victoria Park Jl. Imam Bonjol Blok A2 No. 19A Tangerang, Kp. Angsana Village Angsana Kec. Angsana, Krakatau Medika Hospital Cilegon Mosque, posko Sumur Kp.paniis desa Cigarondong Kec Sumur –pandeglang.


Lailatul Istikhomah


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