SURABAYA. 6.4 magnitude earthquakes shook the East Java and Bali regions on Thursday (11/10) at 01.57 WIB. BMKG reported that the earthquake epicenter was located at coordinates 7.47 LS and 114.43 BT, or precisely located at sea at a distance of 55 km northeast of Situbondo City, Situbondo Regency, East Java Province at a depth of 12 km. The earthquake did not have the potential to cause a tsunami.

The BNPB Post has confirmed the impact of the earthquake on the BPBD of East Java Province. While the earthquake impact data was reported, 3 people died and several houses were damaged. The worst area is in Gayam District, Semenep Regency, East Java.

The victim died due to a collapsed building. The earthquake occurred early Thursday when the victim was sleeping suddenly the earthquake shook and the house collapsed so that the victim could not save theriselves.

In addition, several houses were damaged. The East Java Province BPBD and Sumenep Regency BPBD are still collecting data.

Responding to the situation, Rumah Zakat sent volunteers to Sumenep to help the people affected by the Situbondo earthquake on Thursday (11/10) afternoon. “The team departed directly from Surabaya to Sumenep Regency, Situbondo using the sea crossing by Ferry. We plan to evacuate victims, medical services and send logistics, “said Adhitya Evan Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Surabaya.


Adhitya / Yadi Mulyadi

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