TAWARKAN SOLUSI, RUMAH ZAKAT SOLO LUNCURKAN SEDEKAH SAMPAHTRIBUBSOLO.COM, SOLO – Rumah Zakat Solo launched Trash Charity program in Ngemplaksutan village RW 37, Mojosongo, District Jebres, Solo on Sunday (26/02).

Public Health Officer of Rumah Zakat Solo, Joko Adianto, said the launching of this program is to break the chains of packaging waste that had been dumped and not just useful.

“Packaging waste cannot be destroyed for decades, so we want to break that chain to not get together again in TPS (waste disposal), to trash collector, and became waste again.” Said Joko to, on the launching of the Trash Charity program.

The launching was attended by hundreds Mojosongo Village residents. “It is the spirit to do Trash Charity whereas the residents have to sort their trash first, then deposit it to Trash bank management,” said Joko.

“The sales of the Trash will be distributed to social funds,” he added.
Organic waste will also used for composting.

And packaging waste is used for handicraft products or ecobrick (brick environmentally friendly). Ecobrick is made by putting the plastics into the bottles until becomes dense and hard.


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