TEBAR MANFAAT LEWAT NASI BUNGKUSWEST JAKARTA. Volunteer of Rumah Zakat West Jakarta again implemented Sharing Meal package (Jumat Menabung) action around the office area of Rumah Zakat located in Srengseng, West Jakarta. A total of 25 boxes of rice have been distributed to beneficiaries; scavengers, blind crackers sellers and small traders, on Friday (04/12)


This activity has become a regular agenda of Rumah Zakat Volunteers which is always held on Friday in various regions. The volunteers distributed the meal package to coincide with the commemoration of Kartini Day. The volunteers began to action after performing Magrib prayer in congregation and divided into 4 groups spreading the meal to 4 areas in West Jakarta, namely in Panjang Road, Srengseng Road, Meruya Road, and Joglo Road.


One of the beneficiaries is Tati a scavenger in the Srengseng area, the 50 years old woman is still eager to earn a living for her family. Together with her three children, Widya, Tumini and Nina, they work to earn a living as scavengers in the capital until the evening. Tati was very happy and did not stop to thank the volunteers.


“Alhamdulillah, thank you brothers and sisters (Volunteers) for the meal package, from this afternoon I have not eaten, May Allah repay your kindness,” Tati said.

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West Jakarta 

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