strong>teladani-nabi-tema-di-pembinaan-anak-juara-dannis-collectionSURABAYA. On Sunday (11/06) carried out the development and distribution of special scholarships Dannis Collection at Dannis House, Sawahan, Surabaya. The activity began at 08.00 am, anak Juara gathered in circle predetermined by gender and school level.

Began with recitations rotation, coaching with the beneficiaries as many as 59 children divided into six groups. 2 male groups of elementary student, two female groups of elementary student, one male group of junior high school, one male group of junior high school, 1 male group of junior high school student and one more female group of junior high school student. It is expected by this group, anak Juara can absorb the knowledge provided to the maximum.

In this mentoring, Anak Juara get material on “Imitate the Prophet”. Each group coaching to get the materials stories of the prophets and the lessons to be drawn from each mentor. “Delivery of material was adapted to the respective levels. through video, picture, and so on. We also occasionally slipped related materials daily, especially in group of junior high school and senior high school student ” Said Munawaroh, PIC.

Junior high school and senior high school students are increasingly growing up, many things related to the outside world started to color them regardless of the merits. Not only junior high school and senior high school students, even elementary student who begin to learn about unappropiate films. Limitations of time for mentoring which is only held once a month over a period of 1.5 hours causing moral and morality supervision of children cannot be maximized. Anak Juara in Junior high and senior high level are still many who cannot read Quran. The mentoring ended at 09.30 am with the distribution of scholarships.


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