telkomsel-gandeng-rz-hadirkan-siaga-sehat-di-pontianakPONTIANAK. Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) and RZ implement health preparedness action on Monday (29/08) on Jl. Selat Panjang, Mega East Village, Sungai Ambawang, Kubu Raya.

212 beneficiaries felt Health preparedness action for public health services, metabolic check, supplementary feeding, and treatment services. The action also provided health education in SMP 11 Sungai Ambawang. The program involved the medical team of RZ Pontianak, both doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and health educator teams.

“We are from MTT was very pleased to see the enthusiasm of the people who participated, and also very happy to join and participate in this event. Hopefully events like this can be routinely performed and a growing number of regions and families who could get benefit. We wish all the activities that have been done yesterday right on target and bring blessings to everyone, from the organizers to all participants. ” Said Muhammad Rizky Nurhakim, MTT representative of Pontianak branch.

“We also welcome this Action. Thanks to Telkomsel and RZ which has to contribute to implement this Action, healthy is to make our citizens to be young again. “Said Mega Timur village head.

Sumini (43) which is one of the beneficiaries of health care expressed her happiness over the presence of health care and Health Action. “I am glad there is free medical care, is the first in this region, I would like to thank Telkomsel for his help, hopefully in the future this activity could be held again,” he said.

Asrul Putra Nanda as Branch Manager of RZ Pontianak said that society hopes Health preparedness action continues to be present and provide health services to the community as a form of concern to the public. “With action like this, it could be one solution in building healthier communities to remote area ” Asrul added.


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