Brand Story RZ

Rumah Zakat different from other Zakat Institutions. With a mission to build self-reliance and community service, Rumah Zakat is currently on a higher level namely as a World Class Socio Religious NGO. By infusing the three values of the new organization; trusted, progressive, and humanitarian, as well as brings new positioning; namely Confidence Sharing.

Sharing the meaning of the brand positioning Confidence from Rumah Zakat is a strong conviction to share and create a global civil society better, to be the leading organization in the region to ensure effective and sustainable programs in empowering people to achieve a better life.

Shortly, Rumah Zakat believes that by sharing, will achieve a better society. Along with these changes, the identity of the Rumah Zakat have a change. This identity takes inspiration from a long of trip Rumah Zakat as a humanitarian organization that builds self-reliance and community service.

Describe the overall design of the organization that is committed to continue to give and share to the community. The house with the door into the symbolism of an organization that is open and giving and for the good of the community. House shape that looks like an arrow pointing up symbolizes the movement of the progressive organization Rumah Zakat and continue to build community self-reliance. While the heart signifies the love that became the basis for the Alms Houses in carrying out humanitarian activities and empowerment.