Brand Story RZRumah Zakat is an energy for humanity to get and share happiness. The form of energy channeled changes according to its potential to create happiness with the most important benefits.

Collaborative, Progressive, Trusted, and Humanitarian is Rumah Zakat Brand personality as a social organization.

Collaborative; Rumah Zakat establishes inter-unit and inter-NGO cooperation because Rumah Zakat believes that improving the world is a joint effort involving many parties.

Progressive; Rumah Zakat always improves performance by providing better services and always strives to be at the forefront of service. Always improve quality and always provide more benefits.

Trusted; Rumah Zakat does its best to tie the trust of donors with professionalism and reporting with a high level of accountability.

Humanitarian; Rumah Zakat distributes goodness across borders, as well as across religions in a humane way. Channeling happiness to all humanity on the basis of universal kinship.

Overall Meaning of the Rumah Zakat logo

The sincerity of heart brings us to a balance not only as a perfect horizontal relation among humans but also vertical relationships with Allah S.W.T. through a sincere intention to be a strong energy to convey and channel happiness to everyone and have a better life according to the orders of the Islamic religion. And all of our kindness starts from the right side which is reflected through the identity symbol of Rumah Zakat.