Assalamu ‘alaikum  Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh

ceo2Praise be to Alloh that due to His tremendous blessings we can live this life. Furthermore, we, specially send our peace and salutation to our prophet Muhammad SAW, His messenger and His servant. Alhamdulillah more than 15 years Rumah Zakat as a national zakat institution (LAZ No. 42 decree 2007) has been trusted by many people to optimize the distribution of Zakat, Infak, Shodaqoh, and other humanitarian funding.

Rumah Zakat determines to give great contribution for Indonesian people. Rumah Zakat has transformed into RZ in 2013. By promoting three new brand values; Trusted, Progressive and Humanitarian, nowadays RZ cooperates with the government, BUMN (Indonesian State Owned Enterprises), private companies, and national and international community.

Up to 2014, there are 156.994 donors who integrate in BIG SMILE Indonesia. BIG SMILE Indonesia is a national optimistic movement which is initiated to increase the Indonesian happiness. Through empowering programs in education, health, economy, and environment, RZ has achieved an agreement with 8 Millennium Development Goals which is proclaimed by UN.

To facilitate the donors, RZ now has 45 networks of branch office from Aceh to Papua which are supported by 375 professional employees and information technology utilization for the distribution of zakah, infaq, shadaqah, and other humanitarian funds.

In 2014, RZ has also successfully distributed donation from donors and its partners to 2.637.143 beneficiaries, fostered 519 ICD areas, managed 15 Sekolah Juara and 7 Free Maternity Clinics, synergized with 93 Free Maternity Servers and 2.070 volunteers, distributed 59 units of free ambulances and 22 mobile clinic, and assisted 135 points of disaster areas both nationally or internationally

RZ is established not only to empower people but it also attempts to become an International philanthropy humanitarian institution which keeps its trust and professionalism in working for Indonesia.

Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh