Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

We believe that sharing and being happy are two concepts that always go hand in hand. During the 19 years of organizational development, happy sharing has been a trace of empowerment from Aceh to Jayapura.

Sharing, for us is contributing to the empowerment of Indonesian society in the fields of health, education, economy, and environment. Establishing 1,081 Empowered Villages by the year 2017, it is our commitment to realize more indicators of goodness in Indonesia. The facilitators of Empowered Village are in close contact with the community in their area, to develop all the potentials. Units such as Sekolah Juara (School), RBG Clinic, ambulance, and mobile clinic car always strive to provide excellent service for people in need.

In harmony with the spirit of Indonesian independence, we add to the commitment of empowerment in August 2017, in the form of: Nusantara Berdaya Boat in North Maluku and SD Juara Al Hikmah in Jayapura. Collaboration in sharing has always been a powerful boost for Rumah Zakat.

We work with the Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) to operate the first Nusantara Berdaya Boat in North Maluku. While in Jayapura, the collaboration is woven with LAZIS PLN to realize one of the quality education services in Papua.

Rumah Zakat also seeks to become a partner of the government. With the Ministry of Tourism, we became partners in the campaign of Wonderful Indonesia through Rona Nusantara program. While with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Rumah Zakat took a role in commemorating World Humanitarian Day. We set up Public Kitchen to serve a variety of dishes made from Kornet Superqurban for the community in the permanent residential area of ​​Siotar Hamlet, Karo Regency, North Sumatera.

The culmination of all these efforts and dedication of empowerment is for happiness together. Muzakki, mustahik, amil, along with all other stakeholders, we hope can reap happy for sincerity to share and take real action in every work.

Starting September 2017 we want to spark the spirit and movement of Sharing and Being Happy. We encourage you to share how you share, and what makes you happy.

So, the keywords of this movement are: “I’m Sharing” and “I’m Happy”. Follow the info on Rumah Zakat social media channel, and upload your photos and stories.

Let’s keep sharing, and always happy.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Nur Efendi

CEO of Rumah Zakat