ceo2Assalamu ‘alaikum  Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh

Dear our Zakah comrade. Energy has been a topic of discussion in our country and global. According to experts, our earth is getting old. Therefore, it is time to have many renewal energy alternatives.

I will not discuss more about this energy since I am not the expert. However, there is one thing I believe in Rumah Zakat that is your sincere intention to share through charity; zakah, infaq and sadaqah can also be considered as energy. What kind of energy? It is an energy that can give happiness to mustahik (beneficiary) through various empowerment programs.


Health, education, economic empowerment, and environment program have been parts of Rumah Zakat’s efort in converting the sharing energy into the real happiness of those who need help. We also attempt to coordinate this effort in order to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that is released by United Nations and adopted by many states in the world.

Based on this development purpose and indicator, Rumah Zakat has empowered 800 villages in 129 cities and districts in Indonesia. This make us realize about how big the role of sharing energy that people have entrusted to Rumah Zakat. Therefore, we are going to make sure that the energy possessed by Rumah Zakat and its amil zakat is renewable.

Rebranding is one of Rumah Zakat’s efforts to energy renewal. One of them is logo, you will see some display changes if you look carefully at our logo. The door’s position is moved to the right, as it has been exempliied by the prophet whom always uses the right hand to do every good activities. Moreover, the word ‘Rumah’ and ‘Zakat’ are strengthening through its meaning and its visualization.

But, is it only the logo that is changed? Of course it is not. There are many energy, activity and other interaction that have been our commitment in improving the work entrusted to us. Hopefully, the good energy from muzakki (donator),  as well as prayer and happiness energy from the mustahik (beneficiary) can be a thrust for Rumah Zakat to remain grow and develop.

Keep a good work, and may happiness always be with you. God bless you.


Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh