ACEH. Lying limp and thin, this is the condition of M Yusuf (8 years) due to disease Meningitis and Malnutrition. Yusuf is the orphan of four siblings. He is the Zubaidah’s child. Mrs. Zubaidah is currently only able to sell fried bananas to meet the needs of families in Hamlet Bahagia, Buket Drien Village, Sungai Raya District, East Aceh District, Aceh Province.

Zubaidah said that M Yusuf since the age of seven months affected Meningitis and Malnutrition. She was confused with the cost of returning to the hospital. Plus if they do the treatment, She will worry about another child feed and preparing to school.

“Going to the hospital in East Aceh is free, it’s just confusing to go to the hospital for other children.  because no one to pay for their food and school,” said Zubaidah.

She also added, Yusuf had been taken to Zainal Abidin Hospital in Banda Aceh for intensive care but was forced to return home because of lack the cost food for his children at home.

The Responsible Village Facilitator Zakat House on Thursday (11/01/2018) visited Mrs. Zubaidah’s house to see Yusuf’s condition as well as to hand over assistance. The situation became very touching and colored with tears.

“It is very moving as if our arrival is a new spirit for Mrs. Zubaidah and Yusuf, hopefully, this is a good start for this family,” said Rumah Zakat Facilitator.

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