RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. In the 16th day of Ramadan, RZ has successfully distributed 4.193 packs of Eid Gift through Indonesia.

“Every people will be happy when they get a gift especially children. These gifts are form of appreciation of RZ to them who is leaning to fast,” Nur Efendi, CEO of RZ, said.

Eid Gift for Orphan is a gift package containing meal box, drinking bottle, school bag, biscuit, and syrup for orphan.

In addition to Eid Gift for Orphan, RZ also has distributed 39.105 packs of Berbagi Buka Puasa, 1.941 packs of Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga and 1.004 packs of Syiar Quran in 27 cities throughout Indonesia. ***

Newsroom/Diki Taufik

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