THE CHANGCUTERS AJAK ANAK MUDA SALING, Jakarta:You can share with others in many ways. Music band The Changcuters will share sacrificial meat .

Music Band from Bandung in cooperation with Rumah Zakat (RZ) to encourage young people to share and do charity, to make it more interesting, the sacrificial meat is made in the form of corned beef and distributed to remote area Indonesia.

” Superqurban is an innovative program. We are very pleased that with the presence of this program we can help. Can do useful things that are most important” said the vocalist, Tria in a written statement received by

According to CEO Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi, the singer of ‘London’ can become an example for other young people to share with others. Moreover, the film stars of Tarix Jabrix movie it had become a donator of RZ for a long time.

“It turns out that since 2005 the Changcuters has been becoming Rumah zakat’s donator. Mostly the donator of Qurban program is youth. I still hope together with Changcuters public can jointly carry out the sacrificial worship, “said Nur Efendi.

“The reason we made this band as a youth is to have fun, we don’t have anything, we could only share the inspiration, knowledge, and insight, “said Tria.

The Changcuters is ready to distribute sacrificial meat to remote area in Indonesia. They hope they are doing charitable activities can be felt by the isolated communities.

“We want to be able to reach the leading area in Indonesia. We as musicians want to go to remote area. Hopefully we give benefits to wider region, “said Qibil.



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