By: Siti Mahmudah

Among the evidence of the love of Prophet Muhammad’s to women is advice that always delivered to Muslims to take care of and respect women. Since women are unique beings, they cannot be treated harshly and could not be left (Bukhari).

Prophet Muhammad once advised and ordered the women to fear God, to obey her husband, and do a lot of charity. The Prophet said, “It’s among you there are people who go to heaven (he said narrowing his fingers) and most of you will become fuel for the fire (and then he opened his fingers). A woman asked, ‘Why, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘Because you are cursed, denying the goodness of you husband, and putting off good” (Reported by Ibn Hibban).

From the above hadith, there are three pieces of advice Prophet that cater specifically to women as the key to heaven. If it’s performed by women it easier for them to reach heaven, that is fear of Allah, obedient to their own husbands, and many acts of charity.

Conversely, if a woman does the following three things will be wretched (lives in hell). First, women who love to condemn, some women are so easy to condemn those whom she hates, including those who have problems with her.

It is inappropriate if someone claiming to be a believer, but her tongue is too easy to condemn. The Prophet said, “It is not a believer that loves to condemn, not one who likes to curse, not a vile and filthy words.” (Bukhari).

Second, women who like to deny the goodness of her husband. Whenever a woman causes annoyance and torture to her husband in this world, his mate from among the hour is of Paradise says to her: may Allah ruin thee, do not cause your husband annoyance, for, he is only your guest, and will soon leave thee to join us in Paradise.” (Tirmidhi)
Third, women who put off goodness, one of the things that makes women put off goodness is that she is too absorb in the feelings and emotions. This was happened at the time of the Prophet. (Bukhari and Muslim).

Therefore, remember the advice of the Prophet to quickly perform righteous deeds before coming to destroy the seven things, namely; poverty that leads you to forgetfulness, wealth that makes you go astray, the pain that destroy you, debilitating aging, sudden death, Dajjal which is an evil supernatural things to come, and the Day of Judgment (Tirmidhi).
May Allah guide us women to be able to run three Prophet’s advices as the provision to go to heaven, and left the three prohibitions in order to avoid hell. Aamin.


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