In the life of the world, every soul must have experienced pain. Some are brief, some are quite long, some even die. However, the Prophet said, “Every disease has a cure. If the drug is in accordance with the disease, then he will recover with Allah’s permission. “(HR. Muslim).


Likewise, as revealed by Prophet Ibrahim, “And when I am sick, He heals me.” (Surat ash-Sy’araa [26]: 80). Ibn Kathir explained the purpose of the verse above, “If I suffer from pain, then no one has the power to heal me other than Him according to His destiny because of the reason for delivering it.”


So, for the first type of disease in physical terms, the cure is to look for the cause of healing (treatment) by simply asking for healing from God alone.


Thus exemplified by the Prophet Ayyub Alaihissalam, “And remember the story of Ayub, when he called on his Lord: (O my Lord), indeed I have been afflicted with disease and you are the Lord of the Most Merciful of all merciful” (QS. Al-Anbiya [ 21]: 83).

The second disease is ignorance. The medicine is to ask the experts (scholars). Jabir bin Abdillah recounts, “We once made a trip. At that time, one of us was hit by a stone so that his head was seriously injured. Then, that person experiences a wet dream. ”


“He asked his friends,‘ Do you think I have received relief from taking tayamum instead of taking a shower?  ’They replied, In our opinion, you don’t get relief because, you can still use water. ‘He bathed and finally died.’


Knowing this, the Prophet said, “They killed him, may Allah destroy them! Why don’t they ask if they don’t know? Truly the cure for ignorance is asking. He should have taken tayamun, cover the injured part with a piece of cloth and then rub it over, then then flush the other part of his body with water. “(Abu Dawud).


The third disease is disaster. The medicine is prayer. Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah in his book, Ad-Daa ‘wa Ad-Dawaa’, explained that prayer is a useful medicine and an enemy of disaster. Prayer will illuminate, treat, prevent, eliminate, or alleviate the disaster that befell.


So great is the drug called prayer that it is said that prayer is the weapon of believers. “Prayer is the weapon of the believers and is the pillar of religion and the light of heaven and earth.” (HR Judge).


Then, from Ibn Umar, that the Prophet said, “Prayer will provide benefits to what has happened or has not happened. Then let all of you pray, O servants of Allah. “(Judge HR).


Therefore, we can easily understand why God later confirmed that, “I grant the request of the person who prays when he pleads with me.” (Surat al-Baqarah: 186).


However, there is one type of disease that God sent down without medicine. The Prophet said, the disease was “aging” (Tirmidhi).



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