TIM INDONESIA JUARA FOUNDATION SEMARAKKAN EKSPEDISI SUPERQURBAN DI BANTENBANTEN. Along with Super qurban expedition team Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF), it aims to provide cheerfulness in the form of various competitions, fairy tales and other games.

The activity was held at madrasah in Bojongmanik village which serves as a second school for children around.

Arif, teachers from SD JUara Jakarta Utara deliver a tale of buffalo and giraffe.

“They seem happy listening to fairy tales followed by singing Islamic songs and rote prayers,” said Erna one from the expedition team SPMo East Jakarta, Banten (30/08).

After rejoicing listening to fairy tales, the joy of children continues to participate in various exciting race such as sack races, marbles race, enter the contest thread to the needle as well as a variety of interactive games.

“All the children looked very anxious, as if to be a champion in the entire race,” said Arif, Teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Utara

Lastly, the event closed with the distribution of prizes as well as taking a picture together. There is a very trace on the expedition, the children’s enthusiasm in learning. Although the condition of madrasah is very simple but the passion and enthusiasm is not lost. Morning until the afternoon, the children learn in public schools, and then continued in the afternoon at 01:00 until 04:00 P.M that they were further studied religion at the madrassah.

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