TIM PERKUSI SD JUARA JAKUT MERIAHKAN EARTH HOUR 2017 DI JAKARTAJAKARTA. An earth care campaign “Earth Hour” is a campaign of WWF (World Wide Fund), a largest conservation organization in the world that invites individuals, communities, practitioners, businesses and governments around the world to participate in turning off lights and appliances that are not used during one hour. This activity is commemorated by the people at the night (25/03) which is a form of awareness and consistency to devote the earth, a place where we live. Percussion Team of SD Juara North Jakarta got the opportunity to participate on this commemoration at Aston Marina Ancol Jakarta Hotel.

The event started at 19:00 pm, and was opened with welcoming remarks from the General Manager of Hotel Aston Marina Jakarta, Dini M. Artha. “We fully support the Earth Hour held by WWF. Later all the guests and employees will be engaged to participate through switching off the lights for 1 hour right at 20:30 until 21:30 pm,” she said.

She also added that this campaign can preserve the energy of the earth for the sake of the survival of children and grandchildren in the future. The main objective of this campaign is to invite people to make lifestyle changes become simple and efficient.

The attendance of SD Juara North Jakarta on this campaign is in order to meet the invitation of Hotel Aston Marina Ancol Jakarta to enliven the event through the music percussion.

On this occasion the percussion team of SD Juara North Jakarta brought five songs; Yamko Rambe Yamko, Apuse, Tough, SD Juara and Aku Anak Juara. The expertise of the children in playing percussion instruments that made of second-hand goods is certainly not without the guidance of Mr. Lukito as a coach who patiently train the children.

Percussion is one of the extracurricular activities in SD Juara North Jakarta. Regular exercise they do once a week for an hour and has successfully become a means of channeling of interest and positive talents that had been buried in them. Their stage action was able to entertain and make the audience admire them. Their key success is the perseverance and discipline in practice.

Besides the entertainment from SD Juara North Jakarta, the event was also enlivened with a variety of games. Even the Aston make games in the form of a challenge to the audience to play a percussion instrument as was displayed by students of SD Juara North Jakarta. They asked the students to asses the performance of the audience in participating games.

In addition, there are games involving SD Juara North Jakarta against the audience. This game was won by Fachrifat, 5th grade students of SD Juara North Jakarta. The gift of a school bag was finally taken home by Fachrifat that night.
Meals and outstanding service provided by the Hotel Aston to students of SD Juara North Jakarta. “Hopefully the relationship between  SD Juara North Jakarta and Aston Marina Ancol Jakarta Hotel will always grow so well.” Said Wiwid Widayanti, MCC Curriculum of SD Champion North Jakarta.

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