(16/06) – In addition to dropping volunteers to distribute logistical assistance to flood victims in the Tanah Bumbu Regency area, the Rumah Zakat Action team also established a post as nutritional intake for residents affected by the disaster.

The post was established in Beringin village, Kusan Hulu District, Tanah Regency Bumbu Saturday (6/15) afternoon. The presence of the Post was very fitting because the weather was hot that afternoon.

The residents who were hit by the flood were very enthusiastic and flocked to the Post which was established by a team of volunteers. There were fresh drinks and hot water prepared to brew coffee and tea, besides It is also provided with fresh fruits that are rich in vitamins.

The head of RT 02 Beringin Village welcomed the event, he was happy because the residents in his area had been given assistance.

“Thank you to the Rumah Zakat that far away came to our place to distribute assistance, “he said.

Since Saturday yesterday until Sunday (6/16) morning, weather conditions have been observed to improve, bright and there is no rain. The condition of standing water in several regions has begun to recede.

If there is no high-intensity aftershocks, it is estimated that the floods will reced. Village head of Kusan Hulu Subdistrict, Tanah Bumbu visited by Rumah Zakat Action team when receiving assistance said that the conditions in some areas affected by floods have decreased.

“Corned beef and rendang Superqurban from Rumah Zakat, hopefully this can be a relief and benefit for our community. Please pray that the weather conditions will continue to improve and the flood will end soon, “he said.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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