dJAKARTA. Zakah enthusiasm during Ramadan must be balanced with ease of paying zakaH. RZ prepare measures which will facilitate the payment of zakah.

CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Effendi, said that a number of moves launched by RZ is in order to accommodate great zakah enthusiasm during Ramadan. RZ website www.sharinghappiness.org is the first movewhich can be accessed by the public if they want to pay zakah.

He explained that the community will be facilitated because only one click and donations will be given, and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The site itself contains options such as infaq, zakah profession, Zakah of savings, love for Syria and so forth.

RZ also has strengthened the network, so that people can donate money through Post Office, Alfamart, Indomart, Lottemart and all banks in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the community is more like a physical transaction may also come to RZ office, to donate directly.

Lastly, there is the system to pick up the donation, the communities just need to call or send a short message, and later we will cooperate with the Go-jek. Those are undertaken so that people find it easy to pay their zakat, in ways that they want.

“We want to have conveniences that can be perceived and utilized by the public,” said Nur, told Republika.co.id Wednesday (01/06).

Source : http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/16/06/01/o82wpk368-tinggal-klik-rumah-zakat-sediakan-banyak-pilihan-untuk-berdonasi

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