KENDAL. Tuesday (05/09) a total of eight people in the village of Berdaya Patebon, Kendal get business assistance from Rumah Zakat. The business assistance they received varied according to the needs of each citizen. Most receive assistance in the form of business equipment such as gas stoves, carts, as well as food and food for initial capital selling. There are also given assistance in the form of chicks to be raised.

Siti Munawaroh, Facilitator of Patebon Empowered Village who is familiarly called Muna said, since March 2017, this economic aid began to be routinely distributed to residents. Every month, Muna provides assistance to two residents who she thinks are in need of economic assistance.

One of the beneficiaries of economic aid is Fatkhiyatun. To help Mbah Tun, Fatkhiyatun familiar calls in running his business, Muna then provide gas stove assistance. Single mother who has been left by her husband is already running a business to make gimbal and tempeh chips since a dozen years ago.


But Mbah Tun for many years still has been using the manual method that is using the stove and firewood while carrying out production, that way, the process of making food made from flour and a mixture of ebi is still fairly long.


“Yes the name of the stove and wood firewood the process is quite old and rather complicated. Alhamdulillah after the aid of stoves from Rumah Zakat, the production process becomes easier and faster, “said Mbah Tun.

Gimbal and tempe chips produced by Mbah Tun are then distributed to the market every three days.

“Later, there are usually people who like to take here. Alhamdulillah the results are tolerable, “he added with a thick Javanese accent.

One of the disadvantages of Mbah Tun products is in terms of packaging. Until now, Mbah Tun is still packing the product with a simple. This is the target of continued economic development of Mbah Tun.

“The plan is to provide assistance to Mbah Tun in terms of branding and packaging. So that the product can be sold more leverage and sales can be more widespread. It is still in process, “Muna said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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