PEKANBARU. Literacy in Indonesia is currently experiencing a very poor condition. International literacy research results released by Central Connecticut State University put Indonesian literacy culture into the order of 64 out of 65 countries studied. That means Indonesia occupies the second worst rank from bottom on literacy culture. The results of UNESCO research in 2011 made a study of the results of his research of 1000 people Indonesia only one who has a good interest in reading so if made into the form of cultural literacy percentage in Indonesia around 0.001.

The National Library of Indonesia’s Office records that 90 percent of the population over 10 years of age are fond of watching television, but do not like to read books. This shows the low literacy ability of the Indonesian community because the level of Indonesian students’ literacy is still far behind by students from other countries.

In other words, interest in reading to the Indonesian community decline this is the trigger of the spirit for SMP Juara Pekanbaru to create some new programs that aim to give a positive effect on students in reading books. Like the Morning Literacy program that held every Wednesday. The activity that took place in the school yard was implemented after Dhuha prayer. By bringing books each of the children seemed enjoy reading and summarizing.

In addition to these activities, students have also been accustomed to borrow and read books in the Library Corner Class. “This activity will be inaugurated every Wednesday morning so that interest in reading and knowledge of students will be growing,” said Fitriyah Misdiyan as the person in charge of the activity, Wednesday (26/07).

In addition, this adaptation is also done by writing summary and comments in the prepared reading journal. “We just launched these programs, hopefully we can get positive effect on the world of education and also can increase interest in reading of SMP Juara Pekanbaru.” Said principle of SMP Juara Pekanbaru.” Syahrul Padilah.


Newsroom / Yuliza Fitri

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