77cara-praktis-hilangkan-kantuk-di-kampus-atau-tempat-kerja Working in the office all day often feels very tiring so as encourage drowsiness. When drowsiness began to haunt, three cups of coffee yet it was not enough to make the body refreshed.

Fortunately, the coffee is not the only way to get rid of fatigue and sleepiness while working a full day at the office. Here are three simple tips that can be done by employees to keep them fresh for the work as reported by Pop Sugar.

Don’t Combine Protein and Carbohydrates

Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder reveals the simple rules in combinations of foods to stay away from drowsiness at work. Snyder suggested that Don’t Combine Protein and Carbohydrates in the lunch menu. If you want to eat protein, employees can add vegetables as companion menu. Conversely, if you want to eat carbohydrates, employees can add vegetables and / or fruits as a companion.

Snyder said the worst combination of food is meat (protein) and starches (carbohydrates) because both these foods require different enzymes in the digestive process. These conditions will make the body has trouble digesting food and lead to wasted energy. Therefore, it would be better if the combination of the food is made to be simpler with no pair of protein and starch together.

“An example of the combination of which will require a lot of effort in the digestion is steak and potatoes, chicken and rice. It would be better to simplify these foods to eat rice with vegetables or chicken with vegetables, “said Snyder.

Do Sports At Break Time

Employees usually have an hour to ‘get away’ from the computer screen and rest. Employees can use your break time for about 30-45 minutes, for exercise at rest hours. After working out for a moment and take a quick shower, your body will feel much more refreshed and focused. Employees who take advantage of the break with a good hour to be active also will be more productive when compared with employees who just sit at their desks all day.

Standing and Sitting
Research shows that sitting with poor posture will cause drowsiness, on the other hand, stand up can cause a sense of happiness and make someone become more productive. Using a special table that can be used for work while sitting or standing is the solution to keep employees from drowsiness at work.

With this particular table, the employee may change their position to work while sitting and standing for every 30 minutes. However, if you do not have this particular table, employees can take advantage of a moment every 30 minutes to stand or take a drink of water in order to have the opportunity to change the working position. By doing so, drowsiness can be more easily pushed over.


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