Hiccupping…hick! Its very annoying…hick! Isn’t it? Hick!

Generally, hiccup occurs due to indigestion. We have several simple tips for you to stop hiccupping. These tips were obtained from

•    Provide a spoon of sugar then place it in the base of tongue.

•    Press your ears with your palms but not too tight and too soft then wait for a moment.

•    Shock yourself! Shocked can stop your hiccup at the moment.

•     Gargling or drink a glass of water.

•    Sticking your tongue out.

•    Tickle your mouth palate or you can ask someone to tickle you.

•    Hold your breath for a moment.

•    Take a paper bag then exhale your breath into the paper bag.

•    Swallow a tablet or two tablets of antacid.

•    Chew and swallow slowly when you eat.

•    Don’t be too satiate.

•    Avoid eating spicy foods.


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