tomat-buah-sehat-kaya-antioksidan-yang-bikin-awet-muda Who does not know tomatoes, surely everyone knows about this fruit. The fruit is one of the fruits that can be found in any country. It’s unique taste, soft texture, make the tomato as one of the favorite fruit. Not only consumed as a fruit, a tomato is also often consumed and is considered a vegetable.

Tomato fruit is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants, so it is very good for skin health and beauty. Nutrients and vitamins contained in tomatoes even believed very important in maintaining the overall health of the body organs.

The antioxidant content is often referred to as lycopene in tomatoes is said to be able to prevent wrinkles, dull skin and premature aging. This benefit alone will be obtained as long as we wanted to use tomatoes as a natural mask. Not only that, the healthy benefits of tomatoes in particular to prevent wrinkles and premature aging or make us always youthful can also be obtained by consumption of tomatoes regularly every day with the right portion.

Professor Jean Krutman, from the Leibniz Research Institute for Medicine in Dusseldorf Environmental said, “We proved that the nutrients and vitamins and antioxidants contained in tomatoes is very good for skin health and beauty. Using tomatoes as masks and comsume tomatoes all at once can make skin youthful, free of dull problems or wrinkled and prevent the bad effects of UV rays. ”

“Antioxidants such as lycopene and lutein contained in the tomatoes are very good to against UV radiation. The agent will also keep the skin healthy, youthful and fresh. Besides good for skin health and beauty, tomatoes are also very good for the health of other organs, “adds Prof Jean.

The tomatoes can be consumed as fruit juice, as a cooking spice or consumed directly. As for the mask, we can use it as a facial mask by combining them together with other natural ingredients such as honey, yogurt, milk or natural oils.


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