PROBOLINGGO. Monday (16/09) Pondok Baca Juara Zakat House in Berdaya Village Kedung Rejoso get the arrival of an important guest from the Library and Filing Service Region (DISPERSIP) Kab. Probolinggo, Mr. Hestiyono, Librarian as well as officials at DISPERSIP wants to know more closely the conditions and activities that have been running in Pondok Baca Sang Juara.

This visit is also a process of guarding and ensuring the process of transforming Pondok Baca Sang Juara into the Village Library Kedung Rejoso which will become direct target DISPERSIP and will be funded by the government of Kedung Rejoso village through the village funds in 2018.

Syarifuddin, Village Facilitator of Berdaya Rumah Zakat as well as manager of Pondok Baca subsequently led the DISPERSIP to the residence of Kades Kedung Rejoso, H. Abdurrahim, S.Pd. At the residence of the village kadas, there was a joint commitment between the village heads. Pa Kades (Village head) will support the budgeting through the village funds, the DISPERSIP will also assist in training management and the Empowered Village Facilitator together with all Pondok Baca board members will play a full role in the management of Kedung Rejoso Library.

The long process of transformation Pondok Baca Sang Juara become Village Library stems from the impression of the DISPERSIP for its variety of activities that have been run by Pondok Baca Sang Juara. With the invitation of Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat as the manager and all the board members of Pondok Baca to the Regional Library Service. In the middle of April. At that time offered the program from DISPERSIP in the form of Village Library transformation which will be fostered by Regional Library Service in its management.

After this information was submitted to Mr. Kades Kedung Rejoso, he who from the beginning of Pondok Baca stand was very impressed warmly welcomed the proposal of this program and asked Syarif to deliver this program in the Village Development RKP (Development Working Meeting) 2018, on Sunday (12 / 09).

“Alhamdulilah, Pondok Baca transformation program into Village Libary is approved in the village budget plan of 2018,” said Syarifuddin.

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