TRAUMA HEALING RELAWAN RZ BANDUNG UNTUK KORBAN TERDAMPAK BANJIR BANDANG SUBANGSUBANG. In an effort to heal the traumatic effect of victim caused by the flood disaster that hit Ciheudeung village, Sukakerti sub-district. Cisalak district, Subang RZ Volunteers held Trauma Healing by inviting children to play together at the same time channeling 50 snack packs. The number of packages that are provided are150 packages of snacks.

The disaster that happened on May 22, 2016 ago, recorded 4 people died, 387 victims were displaced, 28 houses were severely damaged and four houses shattered.

“This activity is our efforts in the recovery of the feeling of the residents, especially children from distress to comfortable and secure feeling, from a feeling of resisting conditions on reception conditions, and of feelings of isolation on the ability to build social relationships.” said Nurlatifah, Volunteer of RZ Bandung branch ,

“Besides sharing and playing we also provide snacks for 50 children and a variety of door prizes, as well as giving aid such as 20 pcs Gloves and 40 exemplar of Quran distributed in Masjid Al-Ikhlas. Currently the residents have returned to their home and are in an effort to neutralize the river conditions by the government “Closed Nurlatifah.


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