PALU. (18/10) It’s been more than a week that Rumah Zakat team carried out the psychological recovery of children in Mts Nurul Hikam, Kel. Pangau, Kec. Tatanga.

Various methods were carried out by Rumah Zakat’s psychosocial volunteer team to restore joy and trauma recovery. One of them is using hypnotherapy.

Siti Sarah (13 years old), a child who was classified as quiet, turned out to have a buried burden. Before the earthquake happened, Sarah had just lost her beloved mother right in the month of Ramadan this year. When his father worked, she only lived with her grandmother and sister. They are the ones who strengthen Sarah.

However, the fate of the Almighty is never expected. Sarah’s grandmother died when she was about to save her sister when the earthquake occurred, until finally God called her beloved grandmother. The small and quiet face suddenly teary, her eyes reddened as the team tried to dig into her story.

“Sarah, Sarah’s mother and grandmother have been summoned because Allah loves them. Sarah, you are strong to reach your dream, to take care of your sister. Continue to study and be on the path of goodness” Said Hadi, Psychosocial team of Rumah Zakat House when doing hypnotherapy.

Sarah is just one of thousands of earthquake victims who have to endure the hardships of life. Let us strengthen Sarah and other earthquake victims a little to stay motivated in this ordeal.

Hesti Pratiwi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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