Many people believe that apple cider vinegar and juice can make teeth healthy. However, behind these health claims, it turns out there are dangers that are stored. Apple cider vinegar and juice can actually damage teeth, gums and overall oral health. Following is an explanation from Brian Kantor, a cosmetic/beautician dentist at Lowenberg Lituchy & Kantor, reported by Refinery 29.

Apple cider vinegar

There are many dental health rumors about this apple cider vinegar. However, according to Kantor, apple cider vinegar can erode tooth enamel because apple vinegar is sour which is acidic.

“Even experts from the University of Chicago Medical Center assess the claims of some parties that apple vinegar can lose weight and lower blood sugar is a myth,” explained Kantor.

Fruit juice

Most dentists may recommend patients to consume juice for healthy teeth. However, according to Kantor, basically sugar from the juice can erode tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.

Bacteria can also irritate gums and can eventually cause gum disease. For that, he reminded that brushing your teeth after drinking juice is very important.

“If you have to make juice, I recommend drinking from a straw to keep the juice from the tooth surface and brush your teeth at least 45 minutes after drinking,” Kantor said.

According to Kantor, cranberries and lime can also soften the enamel so that it quickly makes teeth brittle. So that the juice does not damage the enamel, try to make it thinner so that the fruit component in the juice is not concentrated when it touches the mouth.


Many people have switched from animal milk to almonds, coconut, cashew, or wheat milk. There are several advantages to this milk alternative, especially if you have lactose intolerance or avoid dairy products for ethical reasons.

Apart from that, Kantor warns that it is important to choose milk substitute products wisely. According to Kantor, unlike ordinary milk, many of the dairy products are sweetened.

“It is important to choose a variety of products that are not sweetened in order to avoid sugar that can eat away your teeth,” explained Kantor.

As reported by Harvard Health, calcium is important because it gives tooth strength and shape. Almonds also have calcium and most milk that is not derived from cows contains enriched calcium.


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