TEGAL. Through the facilitator of Ujungrusi empowered village Tegal regency, Rumah Zakat with PKK Ladies of Ujungrusi Village, Kec. Adiwerna Kab. Tegal initiated the program “Kebrajan Bank Sampah Sejahtera”. This trash bank routinely sort and weigh the trash in twice a week.

As is the case on Sunday (22/10), the sorting and weighing of this waste took place on Jl. Seroja RT 02 / RW 01 for the third time. The number of customers present during sorting and weighing this week increased compared to last week’s.

Mr. Baidowi as the village secretary said, “I am more proud and fully support the activities of Rumah Zakat, the number of citizens who participate both as the administrators and customers of Kebrajan Bank Sampah Sejahtera is getting more prosperous and get lots of supports. Especially now the trash bank customers got a passbook since 2 weeks ago”.

In the third week of October, the trashbank managed to collect a total of Rp240,000, which will be shared with a 30% scheme for the board and 70% for customers. Every RT has been formed cadres to mobilize residents in his RT who become customers of trash bank.

“The trash bank management and I always keep trying to fulfill the facilities and infrastructure of Kebrajan Bank Sampah Sejahtera, especially with the submission of SK of Kebrajan Bank Sampah Sejahtera to the village administration,” said Hasbi Iskandar, the facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

“In addition to the legal recognition is also to facilitate the submission of financial assistance to the environment and other agencies that care about the environment” he added.

In the mission to preserve the environment, it is expected that this trash bank can be intensively carried out in some RTs and other RWs in Ujungrusi village especially and in Tegal district generally.


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