By: Muhammad Ihsan

People who doa or pray to Allah SWT are sometimes granted quickly and some are slow to allow it. If you pray but have not been answered, do not be quick to think that Allah did not grant your request. Because accelerating or slowing down prayer is included in the form of His power.

Allah does not necessarily follow the will of those who pray. Soon or later He grants prayer depends on the person’s own practice. It could be someone whose prayer is not answered yet does not use manners as they should those who are in need of help. Or, maybe he prayed for self-interest, not for following His commands.

Allah will give His gifts if someone physically and mentally follows all His commands and is sincere in accepting His destiny. If someone prays to plead with Allah, then do not have the prejudice that Allah will fulfill it as the one and only God. However, the goal is that the person knows the courtesy before Him, and to submit all his matters to Allah alone, to be willing for His division and not to ask for what is not his right.

Besides, the purpose of a servant to ask Allah should be adjusted to his intentions and levels of needs and good requests, not a prayer to harm others.

Al Hasan once said, “It is not your purpose to pray to get what you desire. If your purpose is only like that, then you will be deterred from Allah. Therefore, make your prayer as munajat (whispering) to Him.”

Allah really understands that His servants are very eager to get the secret of His gift. So, He said, And God determines who He wants to be given His mercy and in fact, the grace of Allah are close to those who do good.

Thus, the purpose of the person to pray is not only to convey his intentions, but he must also understand the etiquette -the courtesy of politeness in the presence of Allah so that his request is granted. And, he also must sincerely accept the provisions destiny) that come from Allah for him.

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