ULTAH KE-26, ASURANSI BINA GRIYA UPAKARA BERBAGI BERSAMA RZAs an expression of gratitude for the success achieved in 2016, PT Asuransi Bina Griya Upakara shared by channeling its social fund through RZ with several educational programs in the form of Ceria scholarships for elementary students for one year, Special Scholarship for Simprug fire victims some time ago and the provision of basic necessities to 150 beneficiaries.

As for the birthday celebration of PT Asuransi Bina Griya Upakara held at the head office in Jl. Kesehatan, Abang, Central Jakarta.

“The division of the social fund is one of them we channeled through RZ. Besides sharing in the moment of the 26th anniversary of Bina Griya Upakara, this is also an expression of gratitude for excellent results or outcomes in 2016, “said Dadan Sukresna, MBA as President Director of PT Asuransi Bina Griya Upakara.

In his speech during a birthday celebration in Asuransi Bina Griya head office around Jl. Kesehatan, Abang, Central Jakarta some time ago.

He also hopes that this assistance, not only outcomes are improved but also become insurance company that increasingly grow and compete with other insurance companies.

One beneficiary from Manggarai, Anty who is the mother of RZ’s foster children ‘Anak Juara’ was happy and grateful for the assistance provided by Bina Griya Upakara, she prayed for blessing and success always accompanied the benefactor.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy to receive this groceries may RZ and Asuransi Bina Griya blessed and successful.” Said Mrs. the mother of RZ’s foster children ‘Anak Juara’ named Akbar after receiving food package assistance in ‘Matraman great mosque, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/03).



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