unik-ini-rasanya-belajar-membuat-sandwichKARANGANYAR. At (12/20) RZ community synergy program visit ICD Sokosari Jumantono, Karanganyar district to invite 26 students TPQ Nurul Huda made a sandwich, a food that is foreign to them before.


At 02 PM the students had gathered at Masjid Nurul Huda, Bakaran hamlet, Sokosari. The activity began with learning to read iqra and memorizing the Quran and then the Event to make sandwiches started after the Asr prayer in congregation.


The activities bring Prasetyo Azis as a mentor, he is one of the students in grade 12 SMAN 5 Surakarta who aspires to become a chef.

In the first 15 minutes he gave a tutorial to make a sandwich, 15 minutes later the students were divided into groups with the following equipment, and a 30-minute rest is used to make a sandwich by each group.


Exactly at 04.00 pm the sandwich is finished, the kids really liked it, although the shape is varied.

“We really liked this activity, it could be an intermezzo for teaching and learning in TPA,” said Hannah, one of the teachers at TPA.


“It was strange mas, makes my stomach queasy.” Said Andri, one of the students snickered at the other students. “I also do not want to eat, the taste awful, sour,” said Suci who did not want to eat when she done making it.

Although some have different comments but the sandwich finished.


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