BELITUNG. After two days of high rainfall on Sunday (16/07) accompanied by strong winds in Belitung and East Belitung regencies, the condition has shown good progress on Thursday (27/07). People have returned home and started cleaning up their house assisted by volunteer team of Rumah Zakat.

The disaster is still leaving various impacts, including damage to houses which some of them are still submerged on the banks of the river Lenggang Lenggang village and village Selingsing. 22 houses were lightly damaged, 24 houses were damaged, 59 houses were heavily damaged and a total of 123 houses suffered damage.

In addition, there are seven (7) damaged bridges, including Air Madu Bridge in Sampang Renggiang (heavily damaged), Bentaian Bridge in Manggar (heavily damaged), Air Asam Bridge in Dendang (heavily damaged), Batu Penyuk Bridge in Gantung (broken), Selumar Bridge in Gantung (broken), Buding Bridge in Kelapa Kampit (heavily damaged), and Penirokan Bridge at Kelapa Kampit (broken).

As an effort to overcome the flood disaster 35 volunteers of Rumah Zakat conducted several actions such as coordinating with the main post, distributing 320 Superqurban corned beef, conducting assessment, mobilizing 2 units of operational car, providing public kitchen in Baru hamlet, Gantung district, distributing 2000 meals packaged, cleaning action and channeling 55 packets of cookware.

“We still have urgent needs right now, such as hygiene kits, school supplies, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils. The victims are still expecting aid from donors to rise to build their life back, “said Sujay, Volunteers of Rumah Zakat.


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