upgrading-korwil-dan-mentor-rz-ajang-tingkatkan-kapasitasPEKANBARU.In order to improve the capacity of RZ’s Mentor on Friday to Sunday (2 – 4 December), RZ held Upgrading of Regional Coordinator and Pekanbaru SPM Mentor in Puncak Lawang, West Sumatra. The event was attended by the Regional Coordinator and Mentor of the few areas in Pekanbaru, the families of upgrading participants also attended this event. In total there were 50 participants attending the event.

The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in this event despite the unfavorable weather conditions. Upgrading was held to improve understanding of the Regional Coordinator and Pekanbaru SPM Mentor in performing their duties.

This activity started from the departure on Friday night (12/2) with participants rallying point in SD Juara Pekanbaru. At 09.00 pm the journey started from Pekanbaru to Puncak Lawang, West Sumatra, on the way to the destination organizers and participants stopped and rested beforehand in Lubuk Bangku for resting and performing dawn prayer breakfast and proceed to destination, arriving at 09.00 am on Saturday (12/03).

Muhammad Bayu Putra, chairman of the committee helped officially open the event, followed by the recitation of the Quran by Andri, one of the participants of Upgrading who is also RZ volunteer Pekanbaru. SPM Pekanbaru represented by Ilhamdi welcomed the event.

The event consists of several materials, including material about RZ profile, Mentor and Regional Coordinator material. In mentors material, the mentor were directed to be good mentors and interesting, in this matter also concluded that a mentor will not only brother but also can be a teacher and a friend of the foster children under their assistance.

In the last material concerning about Regional Coordinator explained that the main task of a Regional Coordinator is to channel scholarships correctly according to the rules set by RZ.

Besides giving the material, at the end of the event the participant went for recreational activities in Bukittinggi and the surrounding areas, such as visiting the Clock Tower, Ngarai Sianok dan Lubang Jepang until 07:00 pm.

Wahyu Ramadani one participant said that “It was very nice, besides improving my knowledge, this is also a venue for recreation and refreshing for all regional coordinator and Pekanbaru SPM mentor.” He said.

The opening of the activities completed by dr. Zainal Mutakin, describing the application of GERMAS followed by Ms. Nanaik Sunani from IGTKI (Indonesian Kindergarten Teachers Association), which describes the approach of GERMAS for kindergarten / early childhood. The plan, these activities will take place until 01:00 pm.

Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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